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This architecture course offers you interactive and comprehensive hands-on training spanning a number of fields, opening up a variety of career options. Alongside creative design and practical project management you’ll also study contemporary topics in architecture in depth.

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… that your employment prospects after graduating will be excellent?

Ninety percent of our graduates have found a permanent job within two months of completing the course.

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… that you can choose to specialise in one of three areas?

By specialising in Sustainability and Energy, Construction Using Existing Structures or Space and Design, you’ll prepare yourself for the various challenges you’ll encounter in today’s professional world.

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… that renowned practising architects teach on our course?

To ensure you’re well equipped for the working world, you’ll be taught by successful architects active on the international stage.

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… that you’ll have access to a studio for your own personal use?

You’ll have your own desk in the studio, where you’ll be able to focus on your design work. This also encourages discussion within and between year groups and with the lecturers.

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… that you’ll have access to extensive facilities for model making?

The well-equipped workshop has conventional modelling tools as well as digital production resources such as routers and 3D printers.

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… that our teaching style is hands-on and interdisciplinary?

You’ll learn through a semester project how individual specialist fields interact with and influence architectural developments in practice.