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Occupational Therapy 1

Occupational therapists change the world - especially for people who have reduced mobility following an accident or illness. The aim is to help them to manage independently at work, at school, in their leisure time and in daily life. What a great idea!

Ergotherapie 6

Wussten Sie, …

… that you can do your placement abroad as well as anywhere in Austria?

You can do your placement in a number of European countries, such as Belgium, Denmark or Iceland for example. It is also possible to do an additional placement to find out about occupational therapy practice in countries such as India or Kenya.

Occupational Therapy

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… that you can pick issues suggested by practising occupational therapists as the subject for your bachelor thesis?

For example, one study examined the question of how easy various occupational therapy tests are to perform.

Ergotherapie 4

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… that we visit Europe’s largest rehabilitation trade fair with our students?

This is where you’ll find out about the latest trends as regards aids, wheelchairs and electronic assistance systems.

Ergotherapie 5

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… that our students have the opportunity to work on research and development projects?

Our students worked on the launch event for the “Regional Sozial Genial” project (a health promotion project spanning the generations) and looked after target groups of different ages. Project work packages are also assigned as topics for bachelor theses. For example, students created training material for educating knowledge disseminators.

Ergotherapie 10

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… that we network with other FH JOANNEUM programmes and promote interdisciplinary collaboration while studying?

You’ll explore Graz from the perspective of a wheelchair user with students from the Energy, Transport and Environmental Management programme.

Ergotherapie 1

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… that you have the opportunity to take part in international courses?

Thanks to modern media you can work online on joint tasks together with students on various European occupational therapy courses.