Department für Engineering

Fahrzeugtechnik / Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering

The bachelor programme in Automotive Engineering trains young people with an enthusiasm for technology and transforms them into successful engineers who work across the world. The course focuses on developing environmentally-friendly and sustainable technologies in the field of future mobility.

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… that we have an excellent network of connections?

Intensive contact with the economy and partner universities facilitate your access to internships and give you a head start into your career.

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… that we offer international lecturers?

Good collaboration between renowned lecturers and students boosts motivation and promotes efficient teaching and learning.

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… that you can study abroad?

Our students can complete a semester abroad at one of our many partner universities in order to acquire international experience.

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… that we have top class facilities?

Modern test facilities, design studios and mobility labs are available to our students at any time.

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… that you can specialise further by taking a master degree in Automotive Engineering?

The master programme builds on the bachelor course and provides more in-depth training in science and engineering and subject-specific disciplines.

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… that you will be ideally prepared for the world of work?

This training aims to enable graduates to work in all sectors of the automotive industry – from engineering to testing and from manufacturing to quality assurance.

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… that our automotive engineers are in demand across the world?

The automotive and supply industries are potential employers across virtually every continent.