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eHealth » Gesundheitsinformatik / eHealth
Department für Angewandte Informatik

Gesundheitsinformatik / eHealth

Studiengang 1

Variety is the spice of life! Our programme offers you a mix of IT, business, law, health and science. So you’re well equipped to improve our health and social care sector with your IT and management skills.

Wussten Sie, …

… that we can guarantee high job security?

The health system is an area of employment which is resilient to crises and the demand for qualified experts in eHealth will continue to increase.

Wussten Sie, …

… Mastering management in the health care sector

You’ll acquire an understanding of the links between processes, quality and risk, focusing on the requirements of the health sector, and prepare yourself for a managerial role within the field.

Wussten Sie, …

… that we have the largest proportion of women of all the technical courses?

In some year groups over half the students are female.

Wussten Sie, …

… that you don’t need any prior understanding of IT to study with us?

All we ask is that you find IT fun. We’ll teach you the rest.

Studiengang 2

Wussten Sie, …

… that you can specialise?

You can choose to specialise in Hospital Information Systems or Personal Digital Assistant Systems in the 4th semester. There are also interesting elective subjects.

Wussten Sie, …

… that we have the best lecturers?

Our internal and external lecturers are highly qualified experts working in the field who are keen to share their knowledge with you. They’ll help you make your first contacts to start you off in your career.

Das Studium

Wussten Sie, …

… that you can polish your English?

You’ll pick up the necessary specialist vocabulary, read and discuss foreign technical literature and learn to move confidently in an international environment.

Wussten Sie, …

… that we work with the latest technology?

We provide modern IT labs and have all the industry-standard mobile devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones and biosensors.